The Inspiring Story Of Havaldar Hangpan Dada

I am sure you might be thinking that who is this guy or may be this a story character but lemme say you that if you are thinking like same you are absolutely on wrong way .

he is a real character here , an indian army havaldar who martyred on 26 may by the terrorists on 26 may 2016.

on republic day i for the first heard the ashok chakra awardee hav. hangpang dada’s name , his wife with tears on her eyes was recieving the ashok chakra from the hon’able president mr pranab mukherjee. my mind stuck at the point and i started search about hangpang dada …i read about his life and it really made be feel sad for this guy . he was very adventorous and what you say was a diamond from the coal bulk.

i advice to all the readers that if you get just 2 minutes to check out his video please go ahead because the true soldier is person equivalent to god and as you know we can’t define the relegious or anything . the true soldier is the sodier of not only the nation but for the whole universe , in reality.

now you gonna read what he did and what happened to him at last …..

Fondly called Havaldar Dada in the unit, he single-handedly neutralised three terrorists in the inhospitable Shamshabari Range in Kupwara district, Kashmir. On spotting four terrorists, he first blocked their escape route and then without a care for his safety engaged with the enemy. He moved to a flank and came in close contact with the terrorists. He killed two of them at close quarters but was injured in the process.

He didn’t stop there and went after the remaining two terrorists and came face to face with the third. In the ensuing hand-to-hand combat, he killed the third militant. Despite the grave injury he continued in pursuit and was instrumental in eliminating the fourth terrorist trying to infiltrate.



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